There are a host of things to do and see around the villages - walks, historical buildings, picnics, camping and lookouts over spectacular wilderness areas.

Both villages are very small and can be easily accessed by foot or a short car trip. We encourage you to explore at a leisurely pace and kindly ask that you leave nothing but footprints, and take nothing but photographs.

Picking your own walnuts and chestnuts is a fun activity for the family or just the opportunity to find fresh high quality nuts for eating or cooking. There are two seasons for walnuts. The green walnut season is in December and some properties are open, so you can use this special product for your own favourite family recipes. During the main season in autumn at both Mt Irvine and Mt Wilson, several properties open during March and April each year for mature ripe walnuts and chestnuts and they invite people to visit and pick their own nuts.

So, come and pick your own walnuts and chestnuts. There are established nut orchards with large, good quality, fresh chestnuts and walnuts. Chestnuts need gloves to pick up the spiky shells which have fallen to the ground, and break them open to get the chestnuts. Walnuts are just picked from the ground.

Drive around the villages and look for signs outside properties where you can pick nuts. Some properties are regulars each season and other properties advertise only when they have nuts available for picking.

The regular properties open each season are in the table below. It is a good idea to call first and check when they are open.

There is a wide variety of beautiful gardens to visit and a broad range of accommodation available if an overnight stay or longer is required.

A wide variety of accommodation in Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine is available for short stays.

Listed below are formal public submissions made by the Mt Wilson Progress Association.

Mt Wilson/ Mt Irvine Brigade members have participated in many incidents and events both locally and in support of other Brigades and States, some of which which have appeared in the media.

Periodically major callouts occur which require volunteer crews to be working for the community over several days. Some of these have been recorded and they are listed below.

Welcome to the Mt Wilson/ Mt Irvine Brigade payments page. On this page you can join, renew your membership, make donations to the Brigade, or purchase items during a fundraising event.

Members are the life of a Brigade and so new and continuing members are very welcome.

Thanks to your generosity, the Brigade has been able to purchase essential equipment, improvements to our fire station, and the static water supply throughout the community.

You can make payments online by Direct Deposit through your bank, using your credit card with PayPal or use your PayPal account, or by Cheque. 

This brief history of fire was compiled with the assistance of Beth, Peter, Keith and Libby Raines, Paul and Helen Naylor and Ruth and Bill Scrivener.

The Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Historical Society was established to help make a contribution to Australian history by promoting the study of aspects of the Mount Wilson and Mt Irvine districts and their communities.

The Historical Society has, from time to time, collected or published articles about Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine people, properties or events.

Listed in this section are catalogues of photograph albums held by the Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Historical Society.

The links below will show a unique number and description for each of the photographs stored in relevant album. In general, the description has been transcribed from the handwritten notes on the back of the photographs.

The original photos are held by the Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Historical Society.