The Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine communities are very friendly, close knit and supportive. Most of us find it is a privilege to be able to own property to live, spend weekends or holiday in the area.

From time to time there are several properties for sale and these are listed below with links to further information - click on the property names for full details.


Unlimited potential as a Home or Enterprise - 3 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 4 Car parking, 70 acres approx.

8 Church Lane, Mount Wilson

IRIS Property: (02) 4567 7254

Stunning “Campanella Cottage’ – first time offered in over 70 years!

4-10 Davies Lane Mt Wilson 

IRIS Property: (02) 4567 7254

Affordable small holding in beautiful location

291 Mount Irvine Road Mount Irvine

IRIS Property: (02) 4567 7254

KIAHBIMBI - an exceptional Mount Irvine offering

10 Danes Way Mount Irvine

IRIS Property: (02) 4567 7254