Please find attached the 2019 -2020 Special Fire Edition of The Mounts, the community newsletter of Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine.

 Please note that there are six parts to this newsletter so that we could include as much as possible but not have the files be too large. The page numbers continue from one part to the next.

pdf Part 1 (7.27 MB)

pdf Part 2 (8.03 MB)

pdf Part 3 (7.45 MB)

pdf Part 4 (7.62 MB)

pdf Part 5 (9.58 MB)

pdf Part 6 (3.71 MB)

We understand that there will be interest in this edition of The Mounts beyond those who will receive it directly. You are welcome to forward this newsletter to family and friends who might be interested but please respect the photographers by not sharing their images outside of this newsletter. Please contact the credited photographer or the editors of The Mounts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you want to have or use an image.

This newsletter is published quarterly.