Emergency Notice

Gospers Mountain Bushfire Update
Sunday, 15 December 2019 8pm

Mount Wilson has been affected by fire throughout the day. Overnight and day crews from many distant brigades and our local vehicles and firefighters have been working to contain the fire.

Helicopter water bucketing flights have dumped thousands of litres of water in support of the on-ground fighting.

Wynnes Rocks Road, the southern side of The Avenue, Church Lane and Mt Irvine Road Mt Wilson continue to be a major focus for property protection after the fire spread north-east.

The back burning started on Saturday along Mt Wilson Road has left a substantial area of the bushland blackened on either side of the road.

Access remains closed at Mt Tomah and at the Darling Causeway, Bells Line of Road intersection to all but essential travel for leaving or coming to the Mounts tonight. The possibility of falling burnt trees are a hazard on Mt Wilson Road

Beth Raines
MWMIFS Brigade


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