Allow one and a half hours from the Happy Valley Picnic Area. This is not an easy walk.


This is a special place, but it is a steep walk to get there. Opposite the Happy Valley picnic area there is a track leading into the valley. A large tree has fallen across the track but this can be negotiated and you quickly come into the rainforest where the tall straight trunks of the towering coachwood are a grand sight. After about 5 minutes walk the track divides and you take the left hand one.

(a) Happy Valley This is a well made track, but not much used. It winds down to Waterfall Creek, passing through some wonderful rainforest and massive rock covered rocks. It gets quite steep toward the bottom and is very slippery, so care must be taken. Once into the stream you will see a small waterfall which falls into a pond on your left. One can get down to this by crossing the stream directly above the fall. You will find little foot notches carved into the rock and you can clamber along the rock shelf and jump onto the rocks below. The pool is lovely for a quick cool dip. It is a good walk for the summer and is a lovely quiet secret place, well worth the effort of getting there. 

(b) Cathedral Creek The right hand track also continues through the beautiful rainforest to the little creek which runs down from the Cathedral Reserve. Although the creek is often dry here, huge tree ferns grow and it is another lovely quiet place.

Allow one and a half hours from the junction of Farrer Road West.


Walk or drive to Farrer Road West, which is about a one and a half kilometres beyond the Cathedral of Ferns. Farrer Road goes up the hill, but you take the fire trail on the left which wanders out along a ridge. It eventually comes to a wonderful area above the Wollangambe, and on the way you pass some lovely bush. You can walk right to the edge of the cliff and look into the river where it makes some spectacular S bends. In October and November when the wild flowers are out it is very lovely, and an easy walk.

Two and a half hours.


This is another lovely little walk. Drive out toward Mount Irvine to Zircon Creek. It is on a broad but tight corner and you can park there on the left. Just before the corner, there is a small track going off to the right which you can follow. Go right to the gate to see the view east as it is rather nice. Return along the track for about 200 yards. After the open area where the track takes a curve to the left you will notice a small old logging trail going off to your right. This will take you down some lovely mountain ash to Zircon Creek and there is a delightful area of rainforest, lilli pilli, coachwood and sassafrass. Follow the track and it eventually brings you back to the Mount Irvine Road just past Lindfield Park, so that you return to the car by the road. Please take care walking on the narrow Mt Irvine Road.

It is an excellent walk, not difficult and passes a variety of bush. The boronia and mint bush at the beginning of Zircon Creek are well worth a visit in October. It is head high and that small area is nature's wonderland.

Allow two or three hours.


This can be done two ways:

(a) Ryans's Cutting - This is the tight downhill corner about two miles from the village towards Bells Line of Road, beyond the Zig Zag and the gravel pit. Leave the car off the road and walk down the fire trail to your right (going out towards the main road). At the bottom of the slope, the main fire trail takes aright hand turn. But you go across a little creek here and follow an old and rather indistinct fire trail out to the Bogey Holes.This ends up in an area known as the Bogey Holes. From here you can explore - walk up the hill nearby or over the ridge and into the creek beyond. Then return the way you came.

(b) Sunday Walk Spur - Walk down Du Faurs Rocks Road and through a gate on your left on to the Western fire trail. Follow the fire trail to Sunday Walk Spur. Walk down the hill across the creek and you will eventually come out on to the fire trail from Ryan's Crossing. Cross the stream on your right and follow the track out to the Bogey Hole area. You can return either way, but it is nice to leave a car at Ryan's Cutting for an easier way home! The country out  there, especially if you climb onto the ridge, is rather heath-like and open. Quite different and a nice change.

Three to four hours. There is a good picnic place at the end of the track.


Drive to the end of the Mount Irvine Road, through the gate and leave the car near the big tree in the turning circle. Walk along the fire trail (closing the gates please) and another fire trail comes in on the right. Quite soon you will see a small grassy area on your left and the path goes off here. The path takes you out to the Pavements, but if you lose it, keep up on top of the ridge and you will come back on to it. The Pavements, a tessellated hill, are interesting rock formations and you will come to them if you keep up on top of the ridge.

It is a wonderful place with superb views of the Wollangambe on your left and Bowens Creek on your right and the 'never never' of the wilderness. It is not a difficult walk.