Update about the Gospers Mountain Fire to the north of us, posted Wednesday, 11 December.

Gospers Mountain Bushfire Update - Plan to begin backburning today.

Gospers Mountain Fire on 10 December 2019

The Gospers Mountain bushfire seen yesterday from Smiths Hill was about 6 kms from Mount Irvine

The Fire

While we have a good weather window MWMIRFS Brigade will commence back burning into the area below Mount Irvine today to take advantage of the better conditions for creating a safety burnt area around Mt Irvine. This will involve lighting the bush from the fire trails around Mount Irvine then Mount Wilson to remove the fuel between the villages and the Gospers Mountain fire thereby protecting property in the villages. The back burn is a lower intensity burn usually lit at night and going downhill so as to reduce the impact on the surrounding bush while removing the fuel and protecting the area from the bushfire coming into the villages on a bad day. 

On Tuesday the fire was holding on Bungleboori Creek (see yesterday’s Update map), north of Mt Wilson / Mt Irvine, but quite active on the Newnes Plateau. The back burn started at Mountain Lagoon has progressed as far as Bilpin. After a very hot day yesterday we are entering a good weather window until about Friday.

Access to the Mounts

A road block at Mt Wilson Road and the Bells Line of Road will restrict access to all vehicles other than residents and emergency services. Expect this to be in place for a couple of weeks.

Letters of authority were distributed last night to all residents providing access to named people on the presentation of the letter and ID like a local rates’ notice or a driver’s licence. If you need an authority for anyone else (other than Mount Wilson or Mount Irvine residents) please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating: first name, family name and email address. A personalised authority letter will be sent to the nominated person.

The trigger point for fire plans

The start of backburning is the trigger point for people to carry out their fire plans.  If you plan to leave, today is the time to relocate. Leave, stay or come to the Mounts this is also the time to contact your Street Coordinator and tell them what you will be doing. A fire warning message may be sent to all mobile phones in the area when fire reaches a preset zone around both villages . Do not be alarmed by this, just follow the prompts and check with your street coordinator if the situation or conditions may have changed. 

Once backburning starts we will see an increase of smoke in the area. From today expect increased movement of trucks, activity around both community halls and fire stations and road closures in areas as the backburn progress from Mount Irvine to Mount Wilson and on along Mt Wilson Road to Bells Line of Road.

Please slow down on the local roads, if possible pull over and let tucks pass. Do not enter the fire trails or the burn area as there will be many hazards, machinery operating, steep trails, falling trees and hot ash beds.

Anyone who would like to assist with Catering or Station work please contact the Brigade Station Officer on 4756 2168. 

Peter Raines
Senior Deputy Captain
Mt Wilson-Mt Irvine RF Brigade


Map of Fires in NSW with the current status of each fire, Fires Near Me.

The map can be zoomed to show fires in our area. 

Artist in Residence,  The Old School Mt Wilson
beauty, diversity, tranquility



The Old School, Mount Wilson commenced an Artist in Residence program in 2019. This is a volunteer based, not for profit organisation aiming to share the beauty, diversity and tranquility of Mount Wilson, providing an opportunity for artists to work, be supported by and engage with the local community. 

Each resident will give a community engagement event. For more information or to be added to our email list, please conact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Four residencies for October 2020 to June 2021 have been awarded

Jane Guthleben is a visual artist whose practice involves a fascination with C17th Dutch still life paintings and how to reimagine them in an Australian context
Jody Graham is a multidiscipline artist, whose artwork commemorates loss and memory. Her purpose is to conserve valuable stories and contribute creatively to the Australian bushfire history.
Leah Bullen  is a visual artist whose practice explores various locations that recreate and curate the natural world, such as gardens.
Julie Thorndyke is a writer
Six residencies for October 2019 to May 2020 have been awarded
LeAnne Vincent a photo based visual artist  read more.....
Leisel Mott  is a landscape painter
Tristan Coelho composer and Emily Granger harpist
Troth - Amelia Besseney  and Cooper Bowman together they fashion ethereal soundscapes from field recordings, vocals, electronics, zither, tape loops and sampled percussion and piano
Mandy Beaumont is a novelist 
Lynne Ainsworth will be working on her memoir 'Someone Must Pay'
Read the artists statements......


The program provides residency, accommodation and studio, for one month for both emerging and established artists and suits visual artists, writers, video artists, musicians/composers, and textile artists. 








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