Two and a half hours.


This is another lovely little walk. Drive out toward Mount Irvine to Zircon Creek. It is on a broad but tight corner and you can park there on the left. Just before the corner, there is a small track going off to the right which you can follow. Go right to the gate to see the view east as it is rather nice. Return along the track for about 200 yards. After the open area where the track takes a curve to the left you will notice a small old logging trail going off to your right. This will take you down some lovely mountain ash to Zircon Creek and there is a delightful area of rainforest, lilli pilli, coachwood and sassafrass. Follow the track and it eventually brings you back to the Mount Irvine Road just past Lindfield Park, so that you return to the car by the road. Please take care walking on the narrow Mt Irvine Road.

It is an excellent walk, not difficult and passes a variety of bush. The boronia and mint bush at the beginning of Zircon Creek are well worth a visit in October. It is head high and that small area is nature's wonderland.