2011 Willy to Billy

I Think I've Ticked Everything Off the List

Finger Licking Good

Positive Thinking

Seriously Good Scones

Rapid Jamming - Seriously these ladies could butter scones at a rapid pace!

Fitting the Tags

Team Help

Good Joke!

The Tag

Family Affair

I Tell You These Scones Always Make Me Run Faster!

Comparing Strategies

Daddy! My Hero!

The Runner's Prayer ... this led to the warm up phase of the event!

Limber up ... then warm up!

Runner's Rock n Roll!

... a Little Bend & Stretch!

... a little bit of a run to get those legs working!

... and a little further!

Warming Up! ... Not Long To Go Now ...

... and a little stretch!

Chatting before the start ....

One last photo of the group ... ? Panthers Tri Runners ....

An event like this can never proceed without all the volunteers, those who give their time freely just to know their contribution made the day what it was ... a huge success!

Like delivering the gear ....

On the registration table ...

... The tea and scone table ....

... more tea anyone?

Captain Beth ...

I'll just finish this cuppa and then get things under way ...

The Ambulance Boys from Richmond RAAF Base turned up to lend a hand ...

The Sweeper ... also came down to lend a hand ... horse, rider and trusty dog provided the backup ... the final sweep of the course to make sure no one was left behind!

You may note the dog is a blur ... never still, always rounding his master and horse up ... a true blue organiser!

The Sponsor .........

Last line up ...

The gathering!

The Start Line

Off & Running .... 

Watch Out Bev!  This image was taken by Phil Woodman from the rear ...

In the mid right hand corner you may see Bev taking photos of the runners approaching!

On Their Way ... leaving the Silva Plana Reserve in Mt Wilson.

The Willy to Billy course is over 34.4 km with the first 20 kms of undulating hills on fire trails (small section on sealed road) and bush.  The last 15 kms is downhill on a dirt road with a climb to the Bell's Line of Road and onto the Community Hall at Bilpin.

Volunteers at the first drink station at the Cathedral of Ferns.

Here the runners emerged from the fire trail to take their first refreshments before the steep climb up the power line easement line.

Volunteers at the 1st Drink Station at the Cathedral of Ferns

Owen Haviland and Susie Hope on the left; on the right is Graham & Beverley Thompson with Phil Woodman tucked behind.

Faster than a speeding bullet ... I believe this is entrant number 307 at the First Drink Station

Entrant 092 First Drink Station

(Photo by Phil Woodman)

First Drink Station - Entrant 150

Entrant 048 First Drink Station

Entrant 248 First Drink Station

Entrant 267 - First Drink Station

Entrant 345 in foreground with Entrant 065 at rear First Drink Station

How can you run and smile too! The first female runner Entrant 056 at the First Drink Station with Entrant 109 close behind

Entrant 264 First Drink Station

Entrant 146 First Drink Station

Entrant 106 in the foreground with Entrant 131 at the rear

The many supporters and volunteers at the First Drink Station.

The runners will now head off up the hill in the background.

 (This image by Phil Woodman)

Robert, Leith, Barbara and Wendy at the 2nd Drink Station

092 - 2nd Drink Station

Entrant 099 at rear with 081 in the foreground - second drink station

Supporters - second drink station

The Fun Runner's Banquet - Drink Station 2

Entrant 248 arriving at the second drink station

The happy gang at the second drink station!

Down the Power Lines!!

Congestion on the Mount - runners leaving the second drink station.

We missed the third drink station, better known as the painted line.

What better way to guide the runners through a vast open paddock and ensure they don't get lost ... paint a blue line through the middle.

Still I believe a few runners were confronted by the cows that congregated along the line to cheer them all on

Setting up the 4th Drink Station at Mt Irvine

I can do this if I hold my tongue right!

First Walker - Entrant 324 - Mt Irvine Drink Station 4

Entrant 324 - Elation

Entrant 324 - I'll have some of that please!!

Yum!  This will keep me going!

Entrant 324 - First Walker to arrive at the 4th Drink Station, Mt Irvine

Road to Bilpin from Mt Irvine

From the 4th drink station the runners disappear around this bend on the unsealed section to the finish line - they are on their own now to keep pushing to the end although the rider on horseback and his trusty blue cattle dog ride behind the last of the runners to ensure no one gets left behind!

Mt Irvine Band of Workers - 4th Drink Station

Mt Irvine Traffic Control

Entrant 214 - Second Walker - Drink Station 4 Mt Irvine

"Photographers to the front of me, photographers to the back - all angles covered"

102 - Third Walker arriving at the 4th Drink Station at Mt Irvine

102 - Deep in thought (image by Phil Woodman)

102 - I needed that!!

The arrival of the first male runners at the 4th drink station at Mt Irvine

(Image by Phil Woodman)

Entrant 313 taking in refreshments at the 4th Drink Station at Mt Irvine

Onward - runners leaving the 4th Drink Station and onto the final leg of the event

099 arriving at the fourth drink station at Mt Irvine

My Turn to Direct Traffic!!


Entrant 081 - 4th Drink Station

Entrant 092 - 4th Drink Station

(Image by Phil Woodman)

Entrant 223 - 4th Drink Station

Entrant 248 - 4th Drink Station ... the cup .....

.... he throweth!!!!

(Image by Phil Woodman)

Entrant 051 with the first female at the rear arriving at the 4th Drink Station

Entrant 056 - First Female Runner to 4th Drink Station

Finish Line at Bilpin - The Winners

I did it - I won ... so pint sized but oh so mighty

Entrant 056 - Female Winner

Relaxing ... after another successful Willy to Billy

Bilpin Fire Chief - Bill Shields

The End

Bev & Phil Woodman (photographers) would like to thank the communities of Mt Wilson, Mt Irvine & Bilpin for allowing us to be part of this great event ... I do hope you enjoy this gallery of photos.

Until next year ..... may we all do it again!