Chinaman's Hat formation south of Du Faurs Rocks

Approximate time for this is half an hour to Du Faurs Rocks or three quarters of an hour if Chinaman's Hat is included. The road is not bitumen and the return is rather steep.

Add another half hour if doing the second section of the walk around the base of the cliffs to the Pheasants Cave track.


Take the road to Du Faurs Rocks which starts beside the fire station. From the Rocks Lookout you can see across the wilderness to Bell. The Wollangambe River, Du Faur and Bell Creeks drain the valley in front of you. From Du Faurs Rocks you can follow the track that wanders south along the top of the cliff to Chinaman's Hat. Note the Aboriginal markings on the rocks where they sharpened their tools and made little grooves for the water to run. It is wonderful to sit on Chinaman's Hat and enjoy the quietness and the view part of the Wollangambe wilderness area.

From here - the second section - there is a lovely walk below the cliffs (30 minutes). It joins the Pheasants Cave walk and there is a wonderful weather worn cave along the way, and lovely views.

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