A wide variety of accommodation in Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine is available for short stays.

Please check accommodation details and services advertised with your prospective host in advance as these are subject to variation throughout the year. You are advised to request any food and hospitality arrangements at time of booking.

Click on the property names for full details.


3 bedroom cottage in sunny position located near centre of Mt Wilson

Sleeps up to 8 guests


Delightful 3 bedroom cottage in whisper quiet location

Sleeps up to five people.

Bebeah Cottages

Two separate cottages - a one bedroom and a two bedroom

Sefton Cottage

Delightful 3 bedroom cottage ideal for families or couples

Sleeps up to six people.

Gowan Ross Cottage

Secluded 3 bedroom cottage with a fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a full laundry

Sleeps up to eight people

Chimney Cottage, The Loft

4 star accommodation; suits couple plus 1 child

Cook's House

Boutique accommodation; up to 6 people


Self-contained accommodation for family or couple

Mending Wall

Modern luxury for 6 - 8 people. 15 minutes to Mt Wilson

Koonawarra & Cherry Cottage

Koonawarra, a fully self-contained 3 bedroom house sleeps 6

Cherry Cottage, also fully self contained, sleeps 2

The Mt Wilson Study Centre  - The Old Teachers Cottage

Part of The Mt Wilson Study Centre - rented separately

Historic cottage for up to 6 people

The Mt Wilson Study Centre  - The Old School House

Part of The Mt Wilson Study Centre - rented separately

Self-contained accommodation for 2 - 6 people. or groups to 12